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Experience True Healthcare Freedom
Enjoy True Healthcare Freedom

A Nova HealthCare Membership gives you more freedom than any other healthcare plan. At Nova you have the ability to utilize therapies such as supplements and oils, health and wellness, physical therapy, and chiropractic care. Get a quote!

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We love Chiropractors!

We cover Chiropractic care as an allowance against the deductable and you can see your Chiropractor for your annual wellness visit.

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The Flexibility of an Open Network

We utilize an open network. Our members are free to choose their primary provider. An open network gives our members more choices than a traditional closed network, which requires a person to go to a provider that the insurance company has already approved. With Nova, the choice is yours.

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The name Nova Pathfinder HealthCare means “New Beginnings for Healthcare.” At Nova, we believe every person should have the freedom to control their healthcare decisions. Nova is a grassroots movement of health-minded professionals who have come together to reclaim and revolutionize the healthcare system. We strive to empower you to take charge of your health and wellness with groundbreaking healthcare options. Our willingness to break down barriers that traditionally hold people back sets us apart from other healthcare companies. 

We offer traditional coverage that you have come to expect and rely on, with the additional freedom to access never-before approved natural wellness services.  Our open network gives you the freedom to choose your own physician. Enrollment is open 365 days a year, giving you the option to join whenever you choose. Our unique and flexible plan also includes an allowance that offers you the ability to utilize therapies such as supplements and oils, health and wellness, physical therapy, and chiropractic care. You won’t find a plan like this anywhere else.

Nova Healthcare believes in providing our Members with a valuable and affordable plan. With this in mind, we work closely with our Members to provide the best healthcare plan and the best customer service. We believe that by making holistic options accessible, we support your overall health and provide you with the flexibility to be sure that you’re making the best choice for all your healthcare needs.

With Nova, you have the power to make your own healthcare choices while still enjoying security and peace of mind. We are different because you get various traditional and unique alternative healthcare options you won’t find anywhere else.  You decide when it comes to how you approach your healthcare so you can rest assured that you’ll be protected no matter what life throws at you.