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It’s simple to get advice about your healthcare plan at Nova. We’ve paired you with your very own Nova Care Advocate.

A caring person who knows you.

When you join us as a member, you automatically get paired with your own Nova Care Advocate. Our team of Nova Care Advocates can help answer questions and save money by finding you the most affordable quality care in your area. They are here to guide you through finding care in an emergency, routine care, and telemedicine care; where you can have a phone call, video appointment or email a doctor for advice.

It’s personalized care. And it’s one of the reasons why Nova members trust us to advise them on how and where to get care. Because we are here for you. We make getting help easy. If you need a specialist, don’t rely on googling and guesswork – your Nova Care Advocate is on the case.

Here’s how:

  • We can help you better understand your Nova Healthcare plan.
  • Your Advocate can explain the ins and outs of your health plan, your coverage, and your claims.
  • A Care Advocate who knows you and your family’s needs.
  • Call or message your Care Team for help whenever you have questions or need something.
  • Guided recommendations for alternative healthcare options.
  • Your Advocate can provide recommendations for top-rated local health care providers who specialize in your needs.
  • Your questions are always answered.
  • Your Advocate can help inform you of your health plan details so you’re informed about what’s covered and how to submit claims.

If you need Healthcare Advice you can contact your Healthiest You Doctor 24/7.

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