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A Guide to Canceling Your Current Health Insurance 
Medical care companies want you to believe your contract is signed in blood and guaranteed until the day you die. Some insurers use fear rather than facts to keep their members tethered to their policies, but the truth is that canceling your existing health insurance coverage is possible. 

Can You Cancel Your Current Health Insurance Policy at Any Time? 
If you’ve ever tried to cancel your health insurance, you may have been met with warnings of penalties, and scary stories about what could happen if you don’t have coverage. This tactic is used to keep members loyal—even to the worst insurance policy. Nonetheless, it is possible to cancel your policy. If you are enrolled in a marketplace plan, cancelation is determined by how many people are on the policy. Typically, your termination will become effective 14 days after you cancel. You may be liable for a fee for any months you go without coverage, but there are certain exemptions, and you can apply for Nova Pathfinder Healthcare as soon as your previous coverage expires. 

Terminating your Provider 
Aside from offering inadequate benefits and frustrating or nonexistent services, traditional insurers also demand exorbitant monthly rates. If this sounds familiar, it may be time to consider other alternatives. Fortunately, there are many choices available. Find a healthcare organization that reinstates health and care back into healthcare today! 

Discover the Alternatives 
You may believe you have to wait until November 2021 to enroll in a new health care plan or apply for a special exemption, but Nova Pathfinder Healthcare is striving to cut through the red tape and serve patients directly. Besides offering 365-day enrollment, our non-profit program places control in your hands and want to keep our healthcare accessible and affordable. Plan options include not just conventional medicine but also alternative and naturopathic therapies.

Manage Your Health on Your Terms 
Healthcare is not “one-size-fits-all,” but many providers treat it that way. At Nova Pathfinder Healthcare, we believe you should be able to manage your health on your terms and enroll in a plan that offers the specific treatment you need. Our plans reach beyond traditional health care to incorporate naturopathic and therapeutic methods in addition to conventional health care. If your health requires therapies such as homeopathy, chiropractic, acupuncture, or massage therapy, you should consider a plan that includes non-traditional treatments. You know your body better than anyone else, so choose a company and a plan that is best for you. 

Break Away from the System
We provide our members with the tools and incentives they need to become and remain healthy You do not have to enroll in an expensive healthcare package with restricted choices. At Nova Pathfinder, we care for you the way you would care for yourself. We welcome families, individuals, economic family units, and companies. We provide our members with the tools and incentives they need to get healthy and remain healthy. See and experience the difference at Nova Pathfinder Healthcare.