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Chiropractor Annual Wellness Visit
Suppose your Chiropractor is your Primary Care Provider and performs an Annual Wellness Exam. In that case, you may elect to have these services included in your primary coverage rather than as an allowance. 

Annual Wellness Exams are covered up to $300 per individual per year. Starting after three months of membership, $150 for two yearly visits, up to $150.00 for each visit, or one combined visit for a total of $300 annually.  For further information, see Coverage Limits.

Chiropractic Care
On the policy, twelve visits or $2000 per person are allowed.  Any health and wellness service or product can be combined with any service in the Health and Wellness Treatments & Services benefit package until the maximum limit has been met.

Starting after three months of membership, $100 per three visits is covered, up to $100 for each visit or one combination visit for a total of $300 yearly. Any expenses in excess of $300 are added to the deductible and are paid by the member.

Your chiropractic provider can refer you to a specialist, including holistic/naturopathic providers, with a referral. If the specialist needs to provide additional services, pre-authorization will be required.  If your provider includes holistic/naturopathic providers, their orders and referrals may include “over-the-counter” supplements and essential oils may be covered as an allowed benefit if the wellness treatments and services guidelines are
followed for coverage limits.  

You can use your wellness treatments and services benefits to see your Chiropractor without a pre-authorization.  However, it is suggested that you speak with the Nova Benefit Claims department. They can help you combine visit limits per injury and your Health & Wellness Treatments & Services to increase visit limits.   

If the reimbursement policy for submitting receipts is not followed, the member may be required to pay the total amount.