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Understanding Dental Benefits:

Single: $1,000   

Individual plus one: $2,000  

Family: $3,000   

Biological/Holistic Dental Care:
As part of our Health and Wellness care, we have added benefits for conventional and
biological dental procedures. Your Dental coverage starts 90 days (three months) after your initial enrollment date. As a member, you are given a maximum annual allowance of $1,000 per individual, per year, reimbursable to you. These maximum allowances do not roll over and are reset each year. You can be reimbursed for these services annually up to the limit below.

The billing process is as follows: 
Dental services do not go toward the deductible. After receiving care, they are reimbursed to the Member once the receipt for services has been sent to our Claims Department. 
There are two options for sending billing for Dental services. 
1.    Members can submit the receipt for services they have received by sending them to our claims department for reimbursement. 
2.    Members can have their Dentist send a bill directly to our claims office so they can be billed to Nova. (If they need assistance, please send them to our Nova Care Advocates, who can assist in this.)  Members should send all receipts to claims@mynovahealthcare.org, or they can be faxed to 805-375-6090. 

Please note that all receipts must be submitted no later than 30 days from the date of service within your benefit period or plan end date.