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Supplements & Essential Oils: This service may be combined with any other service in the wellness treatments & services benefit package up to the maximum limit.  

What are essential oils? 

Essential oils are concentrated plant components with a distinct scent and flavor. Essential oils have been used for medical, ceremonial, and cosmetic reasons throughout history. Because of their versatility and innocuous nature, they have recently resurfaced as an alternative type of treatment.

These are the plan limitations for this benefit category: 

  • Each month, not more than (3) three bottles of a 30-day supply of supplements from an approved supplements manufacturer.   
  • No more than (2) two bottles of essential oils per month per person  
  • Exceptions can be considered with a Pre-authorization

*It should be noted that not all supplements and essential oils are created equal, nor will they all be approved. The supplements you purchase should have a USP dietary supplement verification program stamp or symbol on them. 

We have two approved manufacturers to purchase from that adhere to good manufacturing procedures (CGMPs). Young Living Essential Oils and dōTERRA Essential Oils.   Due to the nature of the oil, certain essential oils will be considered one bottle per plan. Please contact benefits if you want to discuss a particular essential oil. To guarantee that the expense is credited to the deductible or, if the deductible is reached, paid directly to the Member, the Member must follow all reimbursement requirements provided on our website.

Examples of the Health Benefits of Essential Oils 

  • Trouble Sleeping:Do you have a hard time sleeping? Essential oils can support healthy relaxation. Lavender and chamomile are two essential oils that can create a sense of calm in the body. By putting these oils on your chest and feet before you go to bed, you can help the body slow down and fall asleep faster. 
  • Relax:Along with supporting sleep, lavender can aid in relaxation during the day. When feeling tense, put a drop of lavender under your nose or on your chest. Stop, be present and focus on your breath as you inhale. 
  • Stay Focused and Motivated:Are you feeling a drop in your energy levels? Essential oils can also help with that. For a natural boost, reach essential oils with citrus or peppermint instead of that caffeine or a fourth cup of coffee. 
  • Reduce Inflammation:Not only can essential oils help with your mood, but they can also help your body physically. Many essential oils are anti-inflammatory can support healthy muscle function by soothing sore muscles and diminishing blemishes. 

Nova Pathfinder Encourages the use of Essential Oils 
Nova Pathfinder HealthCare believes that integrating both alternative and traditional medicine yields the greatest results. As a result, buying essential oils is permitted under our healthcare plan. Please speak with your Care Advocate to find out more about our Essential Oil Policy and Allowances.  

Extra Benefits and Additions Reimbursable to the Member (*Up to the limits before the deductible has been met.)