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Nova Pathfinder Limited Group Plans

Nova Pathfinder Limited Healthcare is a nonprofit cooperative healthcare system that provides a total healthcare solution to employer groups, professional associations, individuals, and families. Nova Healthcare is unique because it offers coverage for holistic and natural services and strives to empower its members through education. Knowledge is power—this is no different when dealing with the body.

Besides facilitating insurance claims, Nova HealthCare will also coach your team toward adopting healthier lifestyles that are focused not only on the health of the body but also on the mind and spirit. Our overall goal is to inspire productivity for your employees, and ultimately, for your group or association

Putting Health and Care Back into Healthcare

Aside from encouraging members to utilize holistic and natural medicine providers, Nova HealthCare offers an Around-The-Clock Physician Hotline (ATCPH) and video chat service that is available seven days a week for no additional cost. With the ATCPH, our members can avoid missing work or spending money and time waiting to be seen by a physician in person. Instead, they will speak directly with a board-certified physician or licensed therapist through secure video or by telephone from the comfort of their home or workplace. Not only can the ATCPH doctors diagnose members right over the phone, but they can also call in prescriptions immediately.

Nova HealthCare also believes in leaving decisions in the hands of our members, which means they are able to select the doctors, medical groups, hospitals, or healthcare facilities that best suit their needs. Because Nova HealthCare covers holistic services, plans include care from chiropractors, acupuncturists, and naturopaths, as well as Native Americans, Chinese, and other recognized healers.

As far as dentistry, Nova HealthCare believes that your mouth is the window to overall health. The NovaHealthcare Plan covers wellness care for initial and routine dental checkups and cleaning, including comprehensive dental examinations, dental trans-illumination, thermography, panoramic X-ray, cleaning, scaling and root planning, and more, when provided by a licensed Biological/Holistic Dentist.

To make sure you have constant care, Nova HealthCare matches you with a Care Advocate, who acts as your personal health assistant and is just a phone call away. Care Advocates are a carefully selected team of professionals that can assist you with questions regarding your healthcare plan and how it works.

Pricing and Enrollment for Groups

Nova HealthCare provides a streamlined approach to getting coverage for employees across the entire United States. Essentially, every member is enrolled as an individual or family under a Group Plan, no matter which state they might live or work in. Plus, Nova HealthCare’s policy is that no matter where you live, the price remains the same. Keeping the price consistent across state lines simplifies cost tracking and research for human resources managers. And, if anyone leaves your group or association, they can automatically take their Nova Healthcare Plan with them. Finally, worth noting—and one of our biggest benefits—is our 365-day enrollment. That’s right, enroll any day of the year. Why not make it today?