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Gym Membership Benefit

At Nova Pathfinder HealthCare, we appreciate Members taking care of their health. We want to encourage Members to keep pursuing a healthy lifestyle.  We care deeply about providing you with pathways to improve your health and wellbeing, so we offer many holistic options to go along with the traditional modalities you’ve come to expect. One of those pathways is through being proactive with your health. Going to the gym can have many health benefits. Exercise can help prevent excess weight gain or help maintain weight loss, combat health conditions, and diseases, improve your mood, help you sleep better sleep, and it can be fun. So it is in that spirit that we offer our eligible members a gym fee reimbursement. 

How does it work?

It’s simple. After one year on the Nova HealthCare plan, our members can become eligible to be reimbursed for an annual gym membership fee, up to $200 maximum for an Individual plan and $400 maximum for an Individual +1 or Family Plan.

How do I get my membership reimbursed?

Members will need to remit their gym membership invoice for their annual reimbursement. Members can only submit receipts once a year to be reimbursed up to the maximum yearly benefit, regardless of the membership’s annual cost.  *Please note that all invoices must be a verifiable statement or receipt from the facility and in the form of a PDF. Members should contact Claims at claims@mynovahealthcare.org or call (888)-266-4462, Ext. 1016