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Care Advocates
Your Nova Personal Care Advocate is happy to answer your questions, go over your plan, discuss your options or listen to your wellness needs at any time. We are here to assist you by being your bridge between the various departments at Nova. Our advocates will speak to medical providers on the members’ behalf to explain the benefits and how the deductible works and will also verify benefits for members when required. We can even walk you through the process of how and when to submit your receipts to claims. If you would like more information, please contact a Personal Care Advocate at advocates@mynovahealthcare.org or by calling (888) 266-4462, Ext. 1003. 

 Accessing the Member Portal 

Members have access to our Member Portal, where they can update their personal information and log into their billing portal to manage their billing and more. To access your online Member Portal, visit Mynova.health to log in. Please note that there is a $15 a month processing fee if you use a credit card for your automatic billing; however, there is no fee if you set up your billing with a bank account.

As always, we strive to deliver the best customer service and are working to ensure that you are up to date on all of your coverage information at all times. Moving into 2021, we request that all members log into their new member portal to update personal information in their member profiles. We are required by law to provide you with an IRS Tax Document, so we must ensure we have the most current information from our members. We are working hard to provide this vital document in a timely fashion.  

Information we need will be asking for, and it will include the following: 

  •  Your SSN and your dependents (for tax purposes). 
  • Any changes in contact information, address, phone number, etc. 
  • Any changes in your family or plan, births, deaths, etc. 
  • Any changes to your banking information. 
  • Any changes to your email(s). 


Member Portal Update Instructions: 

  1. Sign in to your portal at Mynova.health.  
  2. When the portal opens, you will see a warning message that says, “Please Update Your Tax Information HERE.”  
  3. Next, verify that the site is secure by ensuring you can see the Security Seals of Norton and Digicert below the dialogue box before you enter your Social Security Number(s).  

Once you confirm that the site is secure, enter your Social Security Number(s) and click
 on “Submit Tax Information.” 

  • Refresh the page to make sure the warning message is gone.  

You can update your personal information in the Member Portal, or you can call our Care Advocate, who can help you add your information; call us at (888) 266-4462 ext. 1003 or (833) 444-NOVA (6682).    

Or via email at advocates@mynovahealthcare.org.