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Easy enrollment on your schedule

Finally, a healthcare plan that fits your needs. There are no open enrollment date restrictions; you can join our plan 365 days a year, so get your free quote today and be covered in as little as two weeks. Whether you feel that you are paying too much or don’t have coverage for the services that you use, with Nova Pathfinder HealthCare, you do not have to wait until an open enrollment date to change plans because we offer 365 Day Open Enrollment.

Our health plan makes sense for you and your family. Your choices will include a range of benefits to help you manage your health, financial security, and other everyday needs. We provide expert guidance and year-round support.

Note: There are penalties for not having health insurance, so it is vital to make sure you are adequately covered to avoid penalties. ** Penalties as high as $695 per person or $2,100 per family for not having health coverage

Nova Pathfinder Limited HealthCare Has You Covered

What Happens If I Missed Open Enrollment?

Nova Pathfinder offers year-round open enrollment. Historically individuals who missed open enrollment have been forced to go without benefits until the next enrollment date. This makes something as common as pneumonia or even a cold can sound more frightening when you don’t have health care coverage. Not knowing when, how, or if you can afford to receive the treatment you need can be stressful. With Nova, you can have coverage in as little as two weeks. Don’t wait; get your quote today.

Short-Term Insurance Plans Are Not the Solution

Many health care facilities are pushing former clients toward short-term health care plans if they miss the open enrollment period. Short-term contracts are valid all year, but they don’t always provide adequate coverage. In addition, they do not limit out-of-pocket maximums and do not cover pre-existing conditions.” Short-term plans are just that, short-term. They are not a solution for those seeking ongoing, extensive treatment. If you are a healthy individual who doesn’t go to the doctor that often, remember that medical emergencies, surgeries, and accidents can cost you thousands of dollars when you least expect it. Still, there’s a solution for you if you missed open enrollment. Nova Pathfinder HealthCare offers 365-day registration so you can rest assured that you and your family are protected.

­­­­­Get Healthcare Coverage After Open Enrollment

Are you worried about missing the open enrollment window? Open enrollment windows are a thing of the past with NOVA Pathfinder HealthCare. Our open enrollment policy ensures that you can sign up any day of the year for health coverage.

With our 365-day open enrollment, you will never have to worry about:

  • Missing enrollment
  • Switching plans
  • Losing your prior health coverage
  • Hassle of short-term coverage plans

Holistic, Alternative, and Conventional Health Care Coverage

By integrating traditional Western-based medicine into our program, in addition to holistic, naturopathic, homeopathic, and herbal approaches, Nova Pathfinder HealthCare provides members more pathways to comprehensive wellness. Nova also covers the use of supplements and essential oils, medical marijuana, and holistic dental treatments. And yes, you may use your current provider and still receive the same treatment!

How Do I Sign Up with Nova Pathfinder Limited HealthCare™?

Whether you’ve missed your open enrollment period or are looking for a healthcare coverage plan that better suits your lifestyle, signing up for Nova Pathfinder Limited HealthCare is a simple and straightforward process.